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During the winter of 2001-02, something provoked the “roaring lion” of depression inside me. I probably never will know for certain what triggered the disease.

What I do know is the life that has unfolded these last 12 years — a life with major, chronic depression as a constant companion — has been much different than I ever would have designed for myself and my family.

To call it a learning experience would be understating that life. Depression is powerfully real. It can be scary, life-threatening, relentless.

As you will read in “Hence My Eyes,” all of that and more have been the reality in our home. I wish I never would have had to put my wife, children, family and friends through all the fear, worry and tears.

Still … dare I say …

You will read that there actually are times when I feel grateful for the experience.

Everyone, including those who have to experience the roaring lion’s presence inside themselves every day, can meet God in a newer, deeper, more fulfilling way.

By the grace of God, I have learned that – in part through the biblical tale of Jehoshaphat, who has become a friend, a role model of sorts, a prayer partner. In discovering his prayer, I have learned to say it with him. And I say it with him, I think, in a personal and cooperative way that makes managing a life with depression hopeful and possible.

Maybe you suffer from depression or love someone who does. Or perhaps you have gone through something else similarly arduous and stressful, even jeopardizing your very life itself. Whatever the case, I hope my experience with depression and the Prayer of Jehoshaphat can help carry you to a better place.

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