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Even the ‘Worst Sinner’ Can Change the Label

Once, in a confessional, I told a priest that I considered myself the worst sinner I had ever known — not really for the bad things I had done, rather more so for the thoughts I have conjured and encouraged

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My Lesson: Be A Door Of Mercy

I noticed a curious phenomenon shortly after the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy began in December. Virtually every day, in something I read or heard, the word “mercy” appeared. The reference was purposeful at times, something written or said relating

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Some “Surrender” Advice for Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump

These reflections always start unfolding in my head before spilling onto the laptop screen. For this one, I intended this first paragraph to introduce my desire that before Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and any other politician shared all their plans

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Election 2016: God, Have Mercy On Us

If justice is a matter of someone getting what they deserve, then I’ll take a big dose of mercy instead, God, and thank you very much. Sadly, it appears we’re in store for justice in this country, paying a price

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Trust Holy Spirit: Pope Francis Deserves Respect

During my time as an undergrad at the University of Missouri’s prestigious School of Journalism, I learned a couple of maxims to employ when deciding if a story idea was worth pursuing: When a dog bites a man, that is not

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Year of Mercy: Embrace Sacrament of Reconciliation

There is compassion. There is sympathy, even empathy. All women and men can feel those emotions. We can’t help it sometimes. Images flash on the TV set of bald children who are suffering cancer, weary families who have lost their

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We Can All Be “Bethlehem Stars”

During Advent, my mind was focused on arrows. Now, after recently celebrating Christmas and Epiphany, I’m seeing stars everywhere I look. Father Jim Benz, my pastor at St. Cletus Catholic Church, got me to thinking about arrows thanks to one

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Dealing with “The Jesus Question”

Pope Francis left the United States more than two months ago. The subsequent Synod of Bishops on the Family concluded in the Vatican more than a month ago. The world has continued spinning, which means the attention-deficit disorder that afflicts

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Mercy: A Matter of Being, not Doing

A bit of advice as we all prepare our hearts this Advent to receive Jesus anew on Christmas: True love doesn’t come in doing, rather it comes in being. Today, when Donna and I attended Mass at our St. Cletus

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For All Saints: Heaven Is Not A Hall Of Fame

“There’s only one real sadness in life: not to be a saint.” Léon Bloy, French writer, novelist, poet, and essayist (1846- 1917).  How did you celebrate November 1, called All Saints Day by the Catholic Church, your special day? All Saints

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