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The Power of Kindness in a Great Battle

There are subjects many people want to avoid. For instance, how often have you heard that it’s a bad idea to talk about religion or politics at family parties — unless you want things to get uncomfortable really quick. There

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A Depression “Self-Check” can lead to True Strength

As someone with a chronic illness – major depression – I know how that can prey on the mind. And I know how much I would love to free my mind of it. I do wonder if people who have

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Erase the Disgrace of Bully Depression

Our website primarily features blogs that I have written for one of two categories: Catholic Christian spirituality or mental illness, primarily major depression and anxiety. The spirituality-focused pieces can be found under the title “Your Fellow Pilgrim.” Why that name

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Confronting Depression: Imitate Velcro

Living with chronic, major depression isn’t a predictable existence at all. Please trust me on this one. For proof, I’ll provide the first-person witness account of my weekend: Friday: The radio/alarm clock on my nightstand sounded at 6 o’clock this

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