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Brutal Week, But That’s Okay

I love Fridays under normal circumstances – especially between 4:30 and 5 in the afternoon, when I can pack up and leave the office. But last Friday (January 20)  proved particularly more welcome than most of those normal Fridays. I

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Welcoming, Embracing the Guest of Melancholy

Our almost-every-Sunday family dinner went on the road last weekend. A handful of us traveled about 20 miles into the big city to son Josh’s place, a cool little house he is renting near Forest Park in St. Louis. Josh

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I Can’t Get Out Of Bed

Many aspects of major depression cause heartache for men and women who deal with it, particularly those who have lived with it for an extended period of time. Virtually all of us with the clinical diagnosis endure the same annoyances,

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What can a Day with Depression feel like?

If you’re tired of reading about my ongoing battle with major depression, please forgive me. I write to increase awareness and understanding. Not everyone gets it, as we continue to educate and seek to erase the stigma of mental illness.

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Depression: Don’t Judge This Book By Its Cover

Please forgive me if this reflection feels “all over the place.” That’s sort of how I’m thinking these days. As I have said frequently in the past, I’m really not fishing for sympathy. Don’t feel sorry for me. Instead, feel

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Sorrow Blesses My Soul

None of us is promised happiness in this life. All of us are guaranteed sorrow. Indeed, sorrow is the classroom where we often learn our most valuable lessons and through which we can climb ever closer to heaven – where

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Can I Use All The Tears In My Eyes?

I woke up crying this morning. I’m sorry I wrote that line as the opener. I am certain many readers of this blog – and many more people in my life of the flesh – are tired of my depression,

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Danger: Depression, Anxiety Triggers Ahead

In my younger days, before I reached birthday No. 40 and before major depression entered my almost-daily life, I thought I had two particular strengths as a man: A sensitive heart, which served me well as a husband and father,

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Depression vs. Me: The Battle Continues

Depression is kicking my butt. Not really anything new, perhaps. My journey hasn’t been smooth or flat. Many hills, several mountains. Some travel has been on solid pavement, some has been on gravel road with deep ruts. Occasionally there have

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Trusting God’s Voice, Not The Depression

Having a mental illness can lead a person to learn a lot about mental illness. Call it self-absorption, self-realization, self-understanding or simply naval-gazing: I spend a great deal of time thinking about my purposes here on earth – and how

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