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Why Should Anyone Desire Humility?

Some years ago, at my morning prayer group, my cherished friend Deacon Larry brought copies of the Litany of Humility. I never had heard of that prayer until that day. The men in my group trust Larry implicitly, so we dove

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St. Therese: The Value of Suffering

As part of my formation for the Secular Carmelites, my group has been reading “The Story of a Soul,” the well-known autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux. Each month, we are assigned a few chapters to read and then discuss

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Catholic or Depression? What Does Twitter Want?

The whole realm of social media baffles me. More precisely, I’m struggling to figure out communicating about my writing via social media – especially Twitter – and feeling forced to “pick a lane” on the information superhighway. Am I a

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Some “Surrender” Advice for Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump

These reflections always start unfolding in my head before spilling onto the laptop screen. For this one, I intended this first paragraph to introduce my desire that before Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and any other politician shared all their plans

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Challenged to Respond to Christ’s Directions

I’m in the early stages of making some major decisions about my writing future. For me, it’s a future about writing, but I should be no different from any other Christian. We are called to consider major decisions at occasional

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Always on the Lookout for my 10 Seconds

I’m trying to live a life enhanced by employing my new “Ten-Second Rule.” No, that has nothing to do with how long a dropped piece of food can stay on the floor and still allow me to eat it. Rather,

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Christ’s Lesson: Tell Your Stories

For me, the cliché “I can read you like a book,” means I understand a person very well, that I can tell what they’re thinking without having to ask. Indeed, we’re all living and breathing books. I have believed that

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The Noble Function of Intercessory Prayer

Sitting on the prayer couch in my bedroom, I sought peaceful contemplation. The floor fan’s humming had proved distracting, so I had turned it off. I shut the door. My heart craved silence. And then the rain began. Not a

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What Hardship Will You Undergo?

What hardship have you suffered for Christ? What do you do for Him? Inspired in part by Catholic evangelist/catechist/author Matthew Kelly, a few of my “retreat buddies” and I have taken to emailing each other early each week with our

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“Open Door to a Needy Neighbor”

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

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