Donna and Mike have done considerable speaking for groups, both on the subjects of faith and spirituality and on clinical depression. They have been trained and certified as speakers by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which enables them to give the NAMI presentation “In Our Own Voice: Living With Mental Illness.” The presentation lasts 60-90 minutes, and it features Donna and Mike openly sharing about their lives and the effects of depression during the last 13 years, interspersed with a DVD of several people talking about their experiences with mental illnesses. The talk is free, and Donna and Mike are available for any-sized group — including corporations, human resource departments, healthcare providers, community or civic organizations and faith communities.

They also can give less-structured talks on depression and have witnessed often on Catholic retreats (and can organize or lead one for your group). Mike also makes frequent appearances on radio shows, including semi-regularly on Wendy Wiese’s “On Call” program on the Relevant Radio Catholic network and a couple of appearances on Deal Hudson’s “Church and Culture” program on the Ave Maria Radio network, as well as several other radio shows (Catholic and secular).

Here are some appearances and opportunities to listen:

JULY 21 Mike will appear as a guest on Wendy Wiese’s “On Call” show on the Relevant Radio Catholic network Thursday, July 21. Please go to www.relevantradio.com to find a network station near you or to http://www.relevantradio.com/audios/on-call-with-wendy-wiese and click on “stream” on that date on the calendar to listen online.

AUGUST 1 Donna and Mike give their “In Our Own Voice” presentation at 7 p.m. Monday, August 1, at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in St. Charles, Mo. Although registration isn’t necessary, we would like to get a rough estimate on the probable size of the audience for refreshments. If you are considering attending, please email Mike at meisenbath@gmail.com.

Perhaps you have a group of people within a diocese or deanery who all share the same ministry, e.g. Stephen Ministry, youth ministers or outreach ministers. Maybe your group involves folks from a variety of ministries in your parish. The “In Our Own Voice” presentation can benefit those groups — as well as civic organizations, corporations and church communities. Or the group could be a large family, a group of friends or people who share something in common – perhaps a depression support group or a group of nurses.

Whatever the need, there likely is something we can offer to your group. You can contact us at meisenbath@gmail.com. If you have an idea, try us.

Would you like to have Mike and/or Donna speak at your event? Fill out the form below to contact them for more information.

Mike & Donna Eisenbath

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