Happy Easter! He Is Risen!

It’s Easter. The tomb is empty! Can you believe it?

Like many other holidays and special occasions, Easter makes me think of music – one song in particular. There is nothing I can sing or hear that brings me greater joy than this one.

Sisters Annie Herring and Nelly Greisen and brother Matthew Ward formed one of the most influential musical groups – the 2nd Chapter Of Acts — in the early years of “Jesus music,” now better known as contemporary Christian music. They performed together from 1973-88. Their 1974 album “With Footnotes” included what became their signature tune – “The Easter Song.”

I first heard that song in the summer of 1980, when I was a member of the support group – the “wheat team” – on a Teens Encounter Christ retreat. I never had heard anything like it. It was “church music,” but with more instruments than just an organ and acoustic guitar. I had been a church-going Catholic my entire life; my commitment as a true Catholic Christian came on a TEC in 1979.

God changed my life through TEC.

I later bought a couple of the 2nd Chapter Of Acts’ albums and fell in love with a couple of other songs, “Mansion Builder” and “Rejoice.” But “The Easter Song” always was my favorite and has stuck with me for these 35 years. It’s perfect for singing at the top of your lungs while driving in the car on a day when you feel so glad to be alive and happy that God loves you.

I’m going to post two different versions of the song. One is of a concert with all three siblings singing together. Take special note of the clothing and hair! The other is much more recent, a real music video with production and beautiful scenery, and it features Matthew on his own. Both are awesome. Maybe watch one, step away for a while, then return to watch the other when you are looking for prayer inspiration. Save whichever you enjoy most.

Enjoy. And God bless you! He is risen!

Older version of The Easter Song


Newer version of The Easter Song


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