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Catholic or Depression? What Does Twitter Want?

The whole realm of social media baffles me. More precisely, I’m struggling to figure out communicating about my writing via social media – especially Twitter – and feeling forced to “pick a lane” on the information superhighway. Am I a

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God’s Love can Surprise and Overwhelm

My soul longing, I close my Bible. My desire is to rest — not to relax and take it easy, but to actively find a properly holy place of rest in my heart, mind and soul. I’m not seeking to

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Some “Surrender” Advice for Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump

These reflections always start unfolding in my head before spilling onto the laptop screen. For this one, I intended this first paragraph to introduce my desire that before Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and any other politician shared all their plans

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Meekness: A Value Americans Need To Embrace

If, as Jesus taught 2,000 years ago from his seat on a mount, the meek really do inherit the earth, then my fellow Americans and I are in for a mighty puny inheritance someday. A prediction: Sometime next year, a

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What is a “Spiritual Fitbit”?

I have a Fitbit strapped to my left wrist. For me, the little black device – with a screen that measures a mere ¾ inches wide and ¼ inch deep – provides just another set of statistics to track every

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Request: for my Wife, Children, Friends, All Loved Ones

My family’s celebration of Father’s Day was nice. Pizza and wings for dinner with my dad, my daughter Jessica, my son Josh and my two grandsons. One of those grandsons, 8-year-old Colin, treated me in a special way with a

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St. Therese: Early Indications of Contemplation

As part of my formation for the Secular Carmelites, my group has begun reading “The Story of a Soul,” the well-known autobiography of St. Therese Lisieux. Each month, we are assigned a few chapters to read and then discuss at

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Follow Him into the Future, not the Past

“History is a vast early warning system.”  author Norman Cousins “When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open

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Detachment: “Being Desirous for that Heaven”

In a recent conversation, I mentioned to a friend that I had started writing a new book. He immediately seemed interested and asked about the subject. Well, I said, it’s about how we’re all called to be saints and what

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Why Every Day is Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day in the United States, the United Kingdom and many other countries around the world. A whole bunch of other countries celebrate dads at different times of the year. I know a lot of folks suspect the

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Mike & Donna Eisenbath

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