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Dear Father: Our Church Needs Your Priestly Zeal

Bless me Father, because I am so annoyed with you. I attended Mass at your parish this past Sunday. I’ve worshiped there before, although this was my first Mass with you celebrating. I hope I simply caught you on a

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Even the ‘Worst Sinner’ Can Change the Label

Once, in a confessional, I told a priest that I considered myself the worst sinner I had ever known — not really for the bad things I had done, rather more so for the thoughts I have conjured and encouraged

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Brutal Week, But That’s Okay

I love Fridays under normal circumstances – especially between 4:30 and 5 in the afternoon, when I can pack up and leave the office. But last Friday (January 20)  proved particularly more welcome than most of those normal Fridays. I

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My Lesson: Be A Door Of Mercy

I noticed a curious phenomenon shortly after the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy began in December. Virtually every day, in something I read or heard, the word “mercy” appeared. The reference was purposeful at times, something written or said relating

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“O Lord, Nourish This Starving Beggar”

I apologize. To each of you; to all of you. First, I’m sorry for what clearly is a lazy approach to this piece of writing. I have a feeling that everyone who tries to blog consistently for their own website

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Silence at Gethsemani: Oxygen for the Soul

The world is awakening in rural Kentucky, and I feel honored to watch. Especially in this place. As they have for more than a century and a half, the bells of the Abbey of Gethsemani rang bright and early. As

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Why Should Anyone Desire Humility?

Some years ago, at my morning prayer group, my cherished friend Deacon Larry brought copies of the Litany of Humility. I never had heard of that prayer until that day. The men in my group trust Larry implicitly, so we dove

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St. Therese: The Value of Suffering

As part of my formation for the Secular Carmelites, my group has been reading “The Story of a Soul,” the well-known autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux. Each month, we are assigned a few chapters to read and then discuss

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A Truly Dark Place and a Light of Christ That Dispelled It

St. Clements Catholic Church – nestled several miles outside Bowling Green, Mo. — has been a hub of worship and activity in various buildings for 143 years. The present church rose out of the dreams and funding from several hundred

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Catholic or Depression? What Does Twitter Want?

The whole realm of social media baffles me. More precisely, I’m struggling to figure out communicating about my writing via social media – especially Twitter – and feeling forced to “pick a lane” on the information superhighway. Am I a

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