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My Hoarding Tendency: Symptom or Illness?

Every morning, on my way into the office building where I work, I pass a certain parking spot in the garage’s basement. The spot is the closest to the building’s entrance door, so the driver who daily claims the spot

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The Power of Telling a Story

Donna, my wife, and I have been certified as presenters for the “In Our Own Voice: Living With Mental Illness” speaking program by the National Alliance On Mental Illness. We went through the training in early 2015. Since then, we

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Scared into Isolation by Depression’s Shadow

In a uniquely American tradition, thousands of people gathered this past Thursday morning in the town of Punxutawney, PA., to wait for a distinctly unscientific weather forecast. Punxutawney Phil, star of the Groundhog Day celebration every February 2 for 131

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The Power of Kindness in a Great Battle

There are subjects many people want to avoid. For instance, how often have you heard that it’s a bad idea to talk about religion or politics at family parties — unless you want things to get uncomfortable really quick. There

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Catholic or Depression? What Does Twitter Want?

The whole realm of social media baffles me. More precisely, I’m struggling to figure out communicating about my writing via social media – especially Twitter – and feeling forced to “pick a lane” on the information superhighway. Am I a

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Welcoming, Embracing the Guest of Melancholy

Our almost-every-Sunday family dinner went on the road last weekend. A handful of us traveled about 20 miles into the big city to son Josh’s place, a cool little house he is renting near Forest Park in St. Louis. Josh

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I Can’t Get Out Of Bed

Many aspects of major depression cause heartache for men and women who deal with it, particularly those who have lived with it for an extended period of time. Virtually all of us with the clinical diagnosis endure the same annoyances,

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Delivered Thanks to the Strength of God

I am an addict. I need prayers, as experience has shown only God can provide me with true aid. I am physically, mentally and spiritually weak. God’s strength has rescued me occasionally in the past. He truly is my lone

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Stop Blaming Mental Illness For Evil!

Another American mass shooting, another national conversation about American mental health care … One night this week on Stephen Colbert’s CBS-TV talk show, he had what now has become a much-publicized conversation with guest Bill O’Reilly. If you don’t know

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What can a Day with Depression feel like?

If you’re tired of reading about my ongoing battle with major depression, please forgive me. I write to increase awareness and understanding. Not everyone gets it, as we continue to educate and seek to erase the stigma of mental illness.

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