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Silence at Gethsemani: Oxygen for the Soul

The world is awakening in rural Kentucky, and I feel honored to watch. Especially in this place. As they have for more than a century and a half, the bells of the Abbey of Gethsemani rang bright and early. As

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Why Should Anyone Desire Humility?

Some years ago, at my morning prayer group, my cherished friend Deacon Larry brought copies of the Litany of Humility. I never had heard of that prayer until that day. The men in my group trust Larry implicitly, so we dove

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St. Therese: The Value of Suffering

As part of my formation for the Secular Carmelites, my group has been reading “The Story of a Soul,” the well-known autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux. Each month, we are assigned a few chapters to read and then discuss

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A Truly Dark Place and a Light of Christ That Dispelled It

St. Clements Catholic Church – nestled several miles outside Bowling Green, Mo. — has been a hub of worship and activity in various buildings for 143 years. The present church rose out of the dreams and funding from several hundred

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Catholic or Depression? What Does Twitter Want?

The whole realm of social media baffles me. More precisely, I’m struggling to figure out communicating about my writing via social media – especially Twitter – and feeling forced to “pick a lane” on the information superhighway. Am I a

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God’s Love can Surprise and Overwhelm

My soul longing, I close my Bible. My desire is to rest — not to relax and take it easy, but to actively find a properly holy place of rest in my heart, mind and soul. I’m not seeking to

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Some “Surrender” Advice for Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump

These reflections always start unfolding in my head before spilling onto the laptop screen. For this one, I intended this first paragraph to introduce my desire that before Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and any other politician shared all their plans

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Meekness: A Value Americans Need To Embrace

If, as Jesus taught 2,000 years ago from his seat on a mount, the meek really do inherit the earth, then my fellow Americans and I are in for a mighty puny inheritance someday. A prediction: Sometime next year, a

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What is a “Spiritual Fitbit”?

I have a Fitbit strapped to my left wrist. For me, the little black device – with a screen that measures a mere ¾ inches wide and ¼ inch deep – provides just another set of statistics to track every

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Welcoming, Embracing the Guest of Melancholy

Our almost-every-Sunday family dinner went on the road last weekend. A handful of us traveled about 20 miles into the big city to son Josh’s place, a cool little house he is renting near Forest Park in St. Louis. Josh

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Mike & Donna Eisenbath

Offering HOPE for the journey...